Weekly Digest: Giant Investment Wave on Indonesia’s Digital Economy

A huge investment in the digital sector is pouring amidst a depressed economy. Most recently, Bukalapak is reported to have received a new investment of US$2-3 billion or Rp 28-42 trillion from a group of investors, including Emtek, GIC, and Microsoft.

Indonesia's COVID-19 Pandemic Is Raging, What Could be Worse?

Indonesia broke two different records on September 3: daily confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths, at 3,622 and 13, respectively. Meanwhile, Jakarta, the worst-affected region and epicenter of the disease, recorded the highest number of daily new infections

Aggressive Efforts to Reverse Economic Contraction Course

The economic contraction trends expanded in almost all countries in the first half of this year, including Indonesia. The government is eyeing to reverse the downtrend in the third quarter of 2020, targeting a full-year economic growth of 0.5-1 percent.

Coronavirus Layoffs: What Really Happens

Indonesian companies and enterprises are struggling to keep their businesses to stay afloat since the Covid-19 spread does not seem to slow down.

Coronavirus Takes Toll on the Economy

The Chinese government is giving full efforts to contain the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), which was first identified in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province.

2020 Economic Outlook: Challenging, But Bleaker

In 2020, the cost of living in Indonesia will get even higher, following the implementation of several tariff increases set by the government, from cigarette excise, toll tariff rate, to the premiums of BPJS Kesehatan.