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In this fast-changing world, we understand the importance to keep you updated on the current issue, in order to maintain your competitive edge. D-insights is here to provide you the latest and et-large analysis particularly in business, economic, market, energy and politics.

Improved with our exclusive insights on how political trends may affect regulations changes, our subscription services are here as your total solution in minimizing disruption to your business.

Our daily morning briefs equip you with various insightful information you need before you start your day. Completed with “our view” section, a special section to synthetize additional exclusive information to our in-depth analysis. The most important information you need to know that matters is summarized in our weekly report. When you think you’re done, we give you more. Our quarterly industrial report covers extensive information, from the who’s who to information that might be your next opportunity. What else? Dig dip and get enlightened with our virtual events, specifically designed to cater your thirst for first-hand stories.

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Lead Editor: Amal Ihsan Hadian

Senior Editor: Hari Widowati

Editor: Martha Ruth Thertina, Safrezi Fitra

Translator: Moh Arsyad Paripurna

Business Development: Sandy Putra

Account Executive: Intan Tawaddada Ilaiha

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D-Insights is a politics, policy, and key person analysis platform for professionals who want to understand the complex nature of Indonesia's political-economic environment. D-Insights gives you the acumen to mitigate risk and seize opportunities in Indonesia.

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