Jokowi for Vice President: Reasons and Possibilities

It is not yet known how the Constitutional Court will address this constitutional problem. However, the Court has also set a precedent by issuing an ambiguous verdict when deciding on the Job Creation Law.

Clique, Conspiracy, & Consortium: What the Cop Murder Case Revealed

When National Police Chief Gen. Sutanto launched massive crackdowns on gambling activities throughout Indonesia, the kingpins were forced to create an informal network to carry out mitigation efforts. The forerunner of the "Consortium" was born.

The Political and Untechnocratic Cabinet: Causes and Consequences

The latest reshuffle aims not to improve the government's performance but only to accommodate political interests ahead of the 2024 Presidential Election by dividing political positions for political forces and parties supporting Jokowi.

Latest Rumors on Cabinet Reshuffle: The Round-Up

The Indonesian Onward Cabinet has been reshuffled twice. The first reshuffle occurred on December 22, 2020. The second reshuffle occurred on April 27, 2021. The third reshuffle had been planned for a long time but was repeatedly delayed.

Hot Potato in Ivermectin Use

"The government's rushing moves in supporting Ivermectin has drawn pros and cons and suspicions. Doctors are divided. Some are taking a neutral position, not supporting the use of drugs without clinical trials."

The Politics of Vaccines

The government seems running out of ideas to control the pandemic and decides to accelerate the vaccination process.

Weekly Digest: Latent Dangers of Forced Regional Elections

The campaign period for the simultaneous regional elections has officially begun on Saturday, September 26, 2020, ignoring the pressures from epidemiologists, health workers, economists, religious organizations, and the public to postpone them.