Indonesia’s Govt Rising Interest to “All-Electric” Policy

The government issued regulations regarding green transitions in the electricity sector and battery-based electric vehicle usage as official vehicles, as well as electric stoves trial. The substance of the rules is broader than the title describes.

Indonesia's Carbon Tax: Waiting for the Right Time

The Indonesian government has postponed the carbon tax implementation again, even though it should have been in effect this month. Finance Minister Sri Mulyani revealed that its legislative process went relatively well.

Weekly Digest: Third Wave Is Coming

Indonesia recorded 1.054 COVID-19 daily cases on Saturday (1/15), the highest since mid-October. Cases of local transmission were higher than cases of transmission caused by international travelers.

Welcome to Indonesia’s Second Tax Amnesty

Indonesia’s Government has just started a six-month period of voluntary disclosure program. The offerings are interesting, but potential breaches and misuse of participants' disclosed information is still a concern.

A Recap of All Major Regulations Released in 2021

Indonesia rolls out several major regulations this year: more tax being imposed, loan relaxations extended, supports for technology companies, and a lot more. This is everything you might want to know before welcoming 2022.

Omicron Outbreaks, Indonesia Is in High Alert

Indonesian health authorities advised citizens not to travel abroad, imposed longer quarantine times, and intensified tracing. The end of the holiday could be the beginning of a new spike in Covid-19.

Omnibus Law Verdict Has Its Snowballing Effect

The Constitutional Court's verdict on the omnibus law for job creation creates many uncertainties. Its mandate to amend the law will be more challenging as parties focus on winning the public sympathy as presidential and legislative elections draw near.

What Will Happen After The Ambiguous Verdict for The Omnibus Law?

According to information obtained by D-Insights, the government and the DPR have prepared a 'shortcut strategy' to follow up on the Constitutional Court's decision. One of the strategies is to first revise Law No. 12/2011 on the Formation of Legislation.

The Politics of Indonesia's Carbon Tax

Indonesia has started its carbon tax regime through an emissions-based luxury tax on automotive sales. Moreover, all coal-fired power plants will soon be subject to the carbon tax. The government intends to apply it in more sectors by 2025.