Behold, New Tax Regime from Omnibus Law on Taxation

The Law on Tax Regulations Harmonization paved its way into the plenary, bringing a new tax regime that is less of exceptions; revenue-oriented tax crime settlement; and provide the basis for the second tax amnesty and carbon tax.

High Hopes on Carbon Tax: Realistic or a Fantasy?

The carbon tax implementation plan, set out in the Bill on General Tax Provisions and Procedures, invokes pros and cons. The refusal mainly came from entrepreneurs who complained about the potential production costs hike, leading to higher prices.

New Wage Regime: Detail Keypoints & Potential Problems

The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over. All countries, including Indonesia, are still struggling to deal with the global outbreak. Almost all sectors are affected, from health, social, economic, including business and employment sustainability.

Constraints in Vaccination, A Long Way to Herd Immunity

"The hope for herd immunity from the vaccination program is getting far from reality. Without strategic policy shift, Indonesia could be among the last countries in eradicating the pandemic,"

Individually-Paid Vaccination Debacle: What Really Happened

The government finally decided to scrap the Gotong Royong Vaccination or privately paid vaccination program for individuals, which, according to the plan, would have been distributed by PT Kimia Farma Tbk.

The All-Out Effort to Return to Normal Deficit

The government plans to revise and review the tax regulations, such as adjusting the VAT system, adding personal income tax brackets, and imposing plastic excise, to boost the tax revenue and return to the three percent fiscal deficit limit.

Can the Government-Supported Exploration Boost Geothermal Investment?

Indonesia’s geothermal energy potential is one of the largest in the world, reaching up to 23.9 gigawatts or 40 percent of global geothermal reserves. Such abundant resources have prompted the government to develop geothermal energy even further.