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New Era of Banking in Indonesia

There are several challenges in developing digital banking, such as the absence of specific regulations and inadequate data security systems.

Gojek Business Tentacle

The purchase of Bank Jago shares shows that Gojek is serious about entering the digital financial market.

Shopee Acquires Bank BKE: A Strategy to Surpass GoPay?

Shopee's parent company, Sea Ltd, has reportedly acquired PT Bank Kesejahteraan Ekonomi (BKE) through its subsidiary, Turbo Cash Hong Kong Ltd. According to a D-Insights source, Sea Ltd also gets the green light from the OJK to acquire another bank.

Corporate Actions Round-Up

Corporations are ready to expand by preparing jumbo capital expenditures in line with growing hopes for economic recovery.

Indonesia's COVID-19 Updates

Indonesia reported 11,557 new COVID-19 cases and 295 deaths in the past 24 hours on Thursday (1/14), while 7.741 patients have recovered.