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Quarterly Report: Indonesia’s EV Financing Industry Ready to Bloom

The EV financing prospects look bright, considering that 70 to 80 percent of auto sales in Indonesia are credit. Although the units sold are still limited, electrification car sales have contributed around 15 percent to the total car sales growth in 2022.

Quarterly Report: Digital Banks Competition Heating Up

Penetration of banking services in Indonesia is insignificant, although thousands of banks operate within the country. More than half of Indonesia's adult population reportedly unbanked or hold no financial services institution account.

Monthly Report: The New Dynamic in the Coal Industry

Revision of Law No. 4/2009 concerning Mineral and Coal Mining was finally passed on May 12, 2020, in the House plenary meeting, endorsed by eight factions except Democrats. Since the beginning of the drafting, it has drawn resistance from various groups.

Monthly Report: Sluggish Growth in Insurance Industry

The insurance industry sees severe challenges in the future. OJK is preparing a new regulation to gradually raise insurance company minimum capital from Rp 150 billion to Rp 500 billion.