The January-Coaster: Is The Financial Crisis Coming?

Graph crisis

  • The optimism that blossomed in December, sparked by a potential Fed rate cut, is waning. This shift comes as a wave of negative developments unfolded throughout January: Thailand’s crisis risk, China's Evergrande's liquidation, and the US's further technology ban targeting China's firms.
  • The continued sell-off in the China and Hong Kong stock markets has left investors nervous. There are concerns that China could serve as the root cause of a potential new crisis, with Hong Kong as its epicenter.
  • Thailand's economist warned of corporate defaults leading to a financial crisis. Thailand risks seeing massive domestic bond and commercial paper defaults, foreign debt recalls, and a liquidity war ahead, creating a higher chance of a financial crisis this year, according to Economist Chartchai Parasuk.
  • Mr. Doom's unusual forecast. US Economist Nouriel Roubini, renowned for his bearish predictions over the years, gives a relatively optimistic assessment of the global economy, with caution over unforeseen factors.
  • Indonesia’s economists share optimism and warnings. The twin deficits and escalating political tensions in Indonesia, coupled with the possibility of Sri Mulyani's resignation, are emerging as unfavorable factors for the country amidst a backdrop of highly cautious investors.

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