Garuda Indonesia: After the Debt Storm

Garuda Indonesia’s massive debt restructuring negotiations have come to an end. Here are what to expect next: new investors to airlines rivalry.

Startups’ Painful Path to Extend Runway: The Wave of Layoffs

Business efficiencies, including layoffs, are considered necessary for many startups to prolong life and prevent quick death amid funding winter. The pressure for mergers and acquisitions is mounting to end high-cost competition and create path to profit.

GoTo's Optimism amid Competitors' Post-IPO Slumps

GoTo, a merger between on-demand decacorn Gojek and e-commerce unicorn Tokopedia, is sticking to the plan to go public despite plunging tech stocks and post-IPO pressures experienced by its rivals. What fuels GoTo's optimism?

IBC's Bumpy Road in Acquiring StreetScooter

The government seems confident with the acquisition plan as it is backed by professional consultant firms, dismissing it from the collusion allegation. However, is it really a wise move?

Special Report: Keeping Unicorn IPOs on Home Soil

Options for unicorns that want to go public and become listed on the stock exchange are still limited in some countries. The Indonesia Stock Exchange is fixing the rules that have become obstacles.