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New Minimum Wage Pressures Intensify

The Indonesian government sets to increase the minimum wage by 2022. The mass labor protests create political pressure for the government to immediately finalize the minimum wage formulation.

Constitutional Court Rejects Mineral and Coal Law's Lawsuit

Indonesia's Constitutional Court (MK) rejected a formal review lawsuit over Law on Mineral and Coal Mining. Yet not given approval to Article 169, which stipulates the extension of mining contract permits.

Pursuing Investment Target of Rp 900 Trn

The Indonesian Investment Ministry reveals that the realized investment as of September has only reached Rp 659.4 trillion. The government only has two months left to meet the investment target of Rp 900 trillion.

Indonesian Govt Lowers PCR Test Tariff Cap

Indonesia's Ministry of Health cuts polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test price cap to Rp 275,000 for Java-Bali and Rp 300,000 for other regions.

Gojek's Dream to Become a Sustainable Company through Three Zeros

The Indonesian technology company, Gojek, is determined to become a sustainable company through the Three Zeros: Zero Emissions, Zero Waste, and Zero Barriers by 2030. To that end, Gojek is conducting a commercial trial of 500 electric motorcycles.

Merakes' Shut-in Cuts Bontang LNG Production

Bontang LNG is expected to cut output this and next year with the shut-in of Merakes gas field offshore east Kalimantan. Production from the field was likely halted in early October due to sanding issues.

How Could Bank Banten Strive With No Strategic Investor?

Reliance Group and Megah Karya Anugrah Group fail to become PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Banten Tbk’s (BEKS) strategic investors. Bank Banten's digital transformation plan has the potential to be hampered.