Global Investors Drool Over Indonesia's Multifinance Market

The number of foreign financial companies acquiring domestic multifinance entities is increasing. The most recent one is the Mandala Multifinance (MFIN) acquisition by the Japanese financial group MUFG Bank Ltd.

Behold, A Tsunami of Bankruptcies on the Horizon

More than 500 bankruptcy cases were registered so far this year. A total of 15 public companies are facing bankruptcy claims. Meanwhile, more than Rp 800 trillion in loans from millions of MSME and non-MSME debtors had undergone restructuring.

Banks’ Non-Performing Loans: A Ticking Time Bomb

Banks are under massive pressure due to the high number of NPLs, despite implementing COVID-19-related programs of credit restructuring. Since May, the NPL ratios have reached three percent of total bank credit.