Behold, A Tsunami of Bankruptcies on the Horizon

More than 500 bankruptcy cases were registered so far this year. A total of 15 public companies are facing bankruptcy claims. Meanwhile, more than Rp 800 trillion in loans from millions of MSME and non-MSME debtors had undergone restructuring.

Banks’ Non-Performing Loans: A Ticking Time Bomb

Banks are under massive pressure due to the high number of NPLs, despite implementing COVID-19-related programs of credit restructuring. Since May, the NPL ratios have reached three percent of total bank credit.

Weekly Digest: Multiple Effects on Jiwasraya’s Scandal

Asuransi Jiwasraya default case has become the government’s housework as a shareholder, not only a matter of paying off claims to customers, but also efforts to save the state-owned insurer since the polemic may cause multiple effects.

The Inevitability of Bank Consolidation

Bank consolidation is still naturally happening, considering the Indonesian finance authority keeps pushing regulations to strengthen the banking capital.

Weekly Digest: Dead Weights Over the Financial Industry

Clouds hung over the financial industry last week after the OJK temporary suspended the trading of investment products owned by PT Narada Aset Manajemen since the investment company defaulted on shares of securities valued at Rp 177.78 billion.

Opportunities and Threats Around Fintech

In the midst of weak financial literacy, the financial technology (Fintech) industry that is utilising the development of information technology to approach customers continues to grow.