Weekly Insights Archive

Coordinating Minister’s Veto Power? Ignore!

The issue of the coordinating minister’s veto power, granted by the president, has been circulating recently. The right to veto allows any coordinating minister to overturn the decisions made by related ministries or institutions.

Tinkering With Ministries' Structure

President Joko Widodo planned to restructure and change the names of ministries and the supporting executive organizations.

Mega Snubs Shift Coalition Landscape

Megawati’s refusal to shake hands with Surya Paloh during the inauguration of House of Representatives members signals the change of coalition landscape.

Accelerates the Regulation Streamlining

The government plans to revise at least 74 regulations to ease investment. All changes would be summarized in the Omnibus Law.

Negative Signs from Textile Industry

The government plans to prepare some regulatory incentives for the textile industry, which is currently under pressure due to difficulty competing with imported products.

Indonesian Retail Industry’s: Not All Gloom and Doom?

One of the biggest retail companies in Indonesia, Giant, has been closing dozens of its stores permanently. The store closures started last year and still have not finished yet. Is this the sign of the retail industry’s impending gloom and doom?

Patrick Sugito Walujo Networks

The Patrick Sugito Walujo and Jerry Ng duo surfaced last week following the planned acquisition 51 percent stake in PT Bank Artos Tbk, which is classified under the BUKU 1 category.