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The Ambitious Program to Injects More Liquidity with QE

To finance the program, the government will issue bonds to be purchased by Bank Indonesia. The Bank Indonesia Act actually prohibits BI from buying government bonds in the primary market. But with Perppu No. 1/2020, the regulation was revoked.

Weekly Digest: SOEs Faces Massive Debt Pressures

Numerous state-owned enterprises are facing liquidity problems. The coronavirus pandemic, impacting all economic sectors, is inflicting the enterprises’ revenues.

Coronavirus Layoffs: What Really Happens

Indonesian companies and enterprises are struggling to keep their businesses to stay afloat since the Covid-19 spread does not seem to slow down.

Stimulus: Does It Have Any Effect at All?

The government has already spent Rp 158 trillion worth of stimulus to mitigate the economic impact of the Covid-19 epidemic. Such an effort does not seem to have a desirable effect. Will it lead to massive layoffs?