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Jokowi for Vice President: Reasons and Possibilities

It is not yet known how the Constitutional Court will address this constitutional problem. However, the Court has also set a precedent by issuing an ambiguous verdict when deciding on the Job Creation Law.

Indonesia’s Govt Rising Interest to “All-Electric” Policy

The government issued regulations regarding green transitions in the electricity sector and battery-based electric vehicle usage as official vehicles, as well as electric stoves trial. The substance of the rules is broader than the title describes.

After Global Pandemic and Crisis, Here Comes Global Unrest

More than half of the world saw an increased risk of civil unrest since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Russian invasion of Ukraine worsened the situation, causing disruption to energy markets and food supply chains, and triggering price hikes.

IKN Project Begins, But Can It Attract Investors?

The government has ensured that the capital city relocation from Jakarta to East Kalimantan will start in 2024. Therefore, the Nusantara Capital City (IKN) construction must begin immediately.

Indonesia’s 2023 Budget: Tight as Deficit Set Lower

Key points: energy price increase signal a rise; limited infrastructure budgets; social protections budget drop, while several tax incentive programs stop as the economy further recovered.

Clique, Conspiracy, & Consortium: What the Cop Murder Case Revealed

When National Police Chief Gen. Sutanto launched massive crackdowns on gambling activities throughout Indonesia, the kingpins were forced to create an informal network to carry out mitigation efforts. The forerunner of the "Consortium" was born.

FMD Outbreak Puts Economy at Stake

Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) is spreading fast in Indonesia. Within three months, the disease has affected 447,257 cattle, buffalo, goats, and pigs in 22 provinces, forcing the government to establish a Specific State of Emergency for FMD.