The Heavy Burden in Coal Business

The coal business has been booming over the past year as the black gold price soared 137 percent to its all-time high of US$457 per ton in September. The value of Indonesia's coal exports almost doubled.

A Closer Look At Indonesia's EV Subsidies Plan

Top Indonesian officials have released more confident statements about plans for subsidies as more countries use these incentives to increase EV adoption. However, the plan has faced criticism and accusations of official' business interests.

The Fate of Oil and Gas Industry Amid Energy Transition

The energy transition issue is a global trend that affects the oil and gas industry. In energy transitions, the use of fossil energy is gradually abandoned and switched to a cleaner new renewable energy (NRE).

Carbon Tax Delay Threatens Energy Transition Progress

The Indonesian government has decided not to implement a carbon tax this year. After several delays, Coordinating Economic Minister Airlangga Hartarto announced that the carbon tax could come into effect by 2025.

Weekly Digest: Dark Clouds over Indonesia’s Insurance Industry

Long-term risks from the credit insurance line overshadow the general insurance and reinsurance industry, while life insurance struggles to reverse the weakening of key financial ratios. The gloomier economic prospect has kept the industry on alert.

IKN Project Begins, But Can It Attract Investors?

The government has ensured that the capital city relocation from Jakarta to East Kalimantan will start in 2024. Therefore, the Nusantara Capital City (IKN) construction must begin immediately.

Weekly Digest: Controversies Surrounding CPO Export Ban Policy

The crude palm oil (CPO) price closed at a record high of 7,104 ringgit per ton last week on the Malaysian derivatives exchange. CPO prices skyrocketed 24.52 percent last month, capping the highest monthly gain over the past ten years.