Giant Project in Industrial-Based Agriculture Development

The government plans to create a new food barn by developing an integrated food estate in the former location of the Peatland Development Project or PLG - a failed Soeharto-regime agricultural project.

Weekly Digest: SOEs Faces Massive Debt Pressures

Numerous state-owned enterprises are facing liquidity problems. The coronavirus pandemic, impacting all economic sectors, is inflicting the enterprises’ revenues.

Weekly Digest: Overlapping Gas Price Regulations

The problems of expensive gas prices for industries has resurfaced after President Joko Widodo shed his resentment during the limited cabinet meeting on January 6.

Negative Signs from Textile Industry

The government plans to prepare some regulatory incentives for the textile industry, which is currently under pressure due to difficulty competing with imported products.

Indonesian Retail Industry’s: Not All Gloom and Doom?

One of the biggest retail companies in Indonesia, Giant, has been closing dozens of its stores permanently. The store closures started last year and still have not finished yet. Is this the sign of the retail industry’s impending gloom and doom?

Will Mining Land Control Map Change?

SOE Minister Rini Soemarno requested that land concessions owned by contractors above the provisions of the Mineral and Coal Law No. 4/2009 to be transferred to SOEs when contract extensions are made.