All Out Effort to Save the Problematic High-Speed Rail

Costs overrun and cash deficiency risks overshadow the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail project during operations, forcing Government to intervene in funding. Such a decision has raised a warning over the potential long-term burden for the state budget.

Scrambling for Logistics Business Supremacy

The hundreds of companies, including major airlines, are trying to capitalize on the delivery service market. Their presence in the sector may trigger mergers, creating new market leaders.

The Politics Behind Freeport’s Smelter Projects

Talks between PT Freeport Indonesia and Tsingshan Steel on the construction of refining facilities or smelters are still underway even though previous reports suggested the otherwise.

Clash of The Titans After Tesla Gone

The domestic electric vehicle industry acceleration project faced clashes over opinion differences among industry players, fuelled by competition between the market-controlling Japanese automotive manufacturers and South Korean automotive producers.

Giant Project in Industrial-Based Agriculture Development

The government plans to create a new food barn by developing an integrated food estate in the former location of the Peatland Development Project or PLG - a failed Soeharto-regime agricultural project.

Weekly Digest: SOEs Faces Massive Debt Pressures

Numerous state-owned enterprises are facing liquidity problems. The coronavirus pandemic, impacting all economic sectors, is inflicting the enterprises’ revenues.