Indonesia’s Economic 2024: Between Confidence and Caution

economic plan

  • BI's Optimistic Global Outlook Amidst Caution: Bank Indonesia (BI) has revised its projection for global economic growth in 2023, anticipating a three percent expansion, up from the previous estimate of 2.9 percent. This adjustment comes in the wake of The Fed's decision to pause interest rates for the third consecutive time on Dec 13, 2023. Despite this optimistic shift, BI maintains a cautious stance for the current year.
  • Indonesia-China Partnership: Navigating the Risks of Economic Slowdown: Over the last decade, the collaboration between Indonesia and China has thrived. However, this has now become an economic risk for Indonesia as China faces an economic slowdown. Indonesia's government is carefully monitoring the potential impact of this slowdown. 
  • Global Flashpoints: Geopolitical Tensions and Health Concerns: Geopolitical tensions are intensifying globally, spanning from the Middle East to South America. Concurrently, health concerns are escalating due to the evolving landscape of respiratory diseases, including the emergence of COVID-19 sub-variant JN.1. These dual challenges add layers of complexity to the global scenario.
  • Domestic Consumption Remains Indonesia's Economy Savior: The contribution of domestic consumption to Indonesia's economy has experienced a decline but remains robust, staying above the 50 percent mark. With this economic structure, domestic consumption is poised to once again play a pivotal role in steering Indonesia's economic trajectory, positioning itself as the savior amidst challenges.
  • Steady Growth Projections from International Institutions: International institutions project a consistent 5-percent GDP growth for Indonesia, signaling stability in the country's economic performance.

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