Indonesia's Presidential Battle: Will It Be One Round or Two?


  • Uncertainty looms over the chances of Prabowo Subianto-Gibran Rakabuming Raka securing a one-round victory amidst open protests by academics and civil society coalitions against President Joko Widodo's political maneuvers. 
  • Jokowi aims for a single round: as the potential for a two-round election persists, Jokowi appears to be actively ramping up support for the Prabowo-Gibran camp through regional safaris and direct distribution of social aids.
  • Reports indicate widespread pressure on business players and regional leaders to back the Prabowo-Gibran ticket.
  • Intense electoral battles are unfolding nationwide, fueled by the complexity of electoral regulations that extend beyond national vote accumulation.
  • A potential political crisis looms large: should Prabowo secure a resounding victory in one round, the political battle may shift towards delegitimizing and rejecting the election results.

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