What Will Happen After The Ambiguous Verdict for The Omnibus Law?

Justicia and fire

  • The Constitutional Court (MK) finally decided that the Job Creation Law, better known as the omnibus law, was unconstitutional and needed revision. The court ordered the House of Representatives (DPR) and the Indonesian government to revise the law with a deadline of two years from the time the verdict was handed down.
  • The Constitutional Court found many differences and irregularities in the version of the law that had been promulgated in the State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia numbered Law No. 11/2020 versus the law that the DPR plenary session has approved. Whereas the two scripts should be similar.
  • The Constitutional Court's decision is ambiguous and seems inconsistent and will lead to disputes in its implementation. The court's efforts to find a compromise actually made the court trapped into being indecisive. The court's decision even gave rise to multiple interpretations as to whether the Job Creation Law could still be implemented or not.

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