The Era of Thorium-Nuclear Power in Indonesia

carbon offset

  • ThorCon Power Indonesia has completed a survey and determined the location for Indonesia's first PLTT. This survey, and the feasibility study, is the first stage of the 500 MW PLTT development, be carried in 2021 through 2022.
  • In terms of safety, Thorium is classified as the safest source of nuclear energy because it is not fissile, in contrast to Uranium. No matter how many Thorium cores are collected, it will not automatically split and explode as Thorium must be bombarded with neutrons to cause a nuclear reaction. In addition, it only needs to shut off the neutron source to stop the whole reaction process.
  • Referring to the global energy crisis, which mainly hit Europe and China, the world cannot only rely on renewable energy as the backbone of electricity since it cannot be relied on to replace coal and support the electricity system due to its intermittent nature, which poses fatal impacts due to disturbances.

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