Mergers and Acquisitions Intensifies in 2021


  • Mergers and acquisitions will be increasingly common due to more capital pressures, competitions, and regulatory changes. They may occur in various sectors, from banking, digital technology-based companies to property companies.
  • Consolidation in the e-commerce sector, comprising only tens of companies, will likely happen, as the market has already been polarized into two big players. Rumors that several e-commerce marketplaces with the same investors will merge have been circulating for quite some time.
  • The monopoly will no longer be an issue in ride-hailing business following the merger plan between two Southeast Asian ride-hailing giants, Grab and Gojek. There are currently more than 10 similar companies in the country, albeit with far less market shares.
  • Acquisitions, mergers, or consolidations loom over the banking industry following the policy to increase the minimum core capital. As of September 2020, about 10 banks failed to meet the requirement, but a D-Insights source revealed that the authority would factor in economic pressures when sanctioning them.
  • The number of owners wanting to sell their companies through international consultants is reportedly increasing, and many of them are property companies. Such a circumstance is as expected following the capital depletion and debt surge.

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