Why Can't Pertamina Freely Choose Oil & Gas Contract Schemes?

The government provides flexibility for investors to choose the form of oil and gas cooperation contracts, including production sharing contracts with operating costs refund, or cost recovery. However, this does not apply to Pertamina.

COVID-19 Vaccine Production Progress Hoisting ICP in July 2020

The Indonesian Crude Price in July 2020 reached US$ 40.64 per barrel, increasing US$ 3.96 per barrel from US$ 36.68 per barrel in June 2020. Another factor supporting the increase in oil prices is the recovery of economic activity in several countries.

RNI's New Project: Smart Industry Area

RNI will build an industrial area with the concept of a smart industry area on an area of 5,000 hectares in Subang, West Java. It has the potential to obtain a special economic zone status.

Geothermal Cost Recovery Scheme Triggers Controversy

ADPPI opposes the plan to provide compensation for geothermal exploration and infrastructure development costs as it is against Law No. 21/2014 and Government Regulation No. 7/2017.