Upstream Gas Investors to Receive More Incentives

To encourage natural gas development, the government is offering easier business processes and supporting facilities for investors, ranging from regulations, permits, to fiscal incentives.

Danger Lurks Behind Short Term Quarantine

The government shortened the quarantine period for people from abroad to five days, increasing risks amid the threat of third COVID-19 pandemic waves.

Hotel Moratorium is on The Rise

Several regions urged the government to temporarily suspend hotel construction permits, allowing the government to fix regional spatial planning.

Jokowi to Stop CPO Exports: A Wise Choice?

President Jokowi plans to stop exports of crude palm oil (CPO), nickel, and bauxite ores as an effort to support the downstream program. Despite requiring massive investments, the added value of such a program remains unclear.

Tug of War in Umrah Pilgrimage Permit

Indonesia lobbied the Saudi Arabian government over permits for Umrah worship, accelerating the booster vaccination program and opening up PeduliLindungi data.