New Era of Banking in Indonesia

There are several challenges in developing digital banking, such as the absence of specific regulations and inadequate data security systems.

BI Strictly Monitors Systemic Payment Systems

Bank Indonesia (BI) regulates the criteria for a systemic payment system. Such a payment system's failure poses the same risks to the payment system and the financial system, just as a systemic bank.

Salim Group Buys Bank Mega Shares: What Is Next?

The Salim Group, through PT Indolife Pensiontama, purchased 6.07 percent of PT Bank Mega Tbk’s (MEGA) shares. It opens up the merger possibility of banks operating under the Salim Group and CT Corp conglomerates.

Jumbo Bonds Issuance to Stem the Pandemic

The government offers US dollar and euro-denominated Government Securities (SUN) for a total of Rp 58.8 trillion in a bid to support funding for vaccine procurement and the National Economic Recovery (PEN) program.

Digital Banks No Longer Need Branch Offices

The Financial Services Authority (OJK) is preparing special rules for digital banks. Later, these banks can operate without a physical branch office.

Can Muhammadiyah Manage A Bank amid Economic Shocks?

Muhammadiyah once failed to manage its own bank when PT Bank Persyarikatan Indonesia (BPI) was under the special supervision of Bank Indonesia in 2004. Muhammadiyah now has the opportunity to acquire small banks requiring capital injections.