Astra-WeLab Offer Bank Saqu as New Menu for Micro Customers’ Delight

digital banking concept

PT Astra International Tbk (ASII) has ventured into the digital banking arena following its acquisition of PT Bank Jasa Jakarta (BJJ). Through its Astra Financial arm, in collaboration with WeLab Sky, ASII has launched Bank Saqu, a transformation of BJJ, on Monday. Astra Financial Director-in-Charge Suparno Djasmin said Bank Saqu is focused on the retail segment and small to medium-sized enterprises. "Bank Saqu aims to support, complement, and strengthen the Astra Group's financial services ecosystem and promote financial literacy and inclusion in Indonesia," he stated.

WeLab Founder dan Group Chief Executive Officer Simon Loong said Bank Saqu aligns with his strategic focus on expanding its presence and providing technology-based financial services, beginning in Hong Kong and now in Indonesia. He noted that developing the bank's digital service system took just six months, a timeline considerably shorter than the typical 18-24 months for similar ventures by other companies. "Together with Astra, we hope to leverage our complementary strengths to drive the growth of Bank Saqu and contribute to the digitalization of banking services in Indonesia," he added.

According to him, developing the banking system with these digital services took six months, significantly faster than other companies, which typically require 18-24 months. "In collaboration with Astra, we aim to harness our synergistic strengths to propel the growth of Bank Saqu and contribute to the digitalization of banking services in Indonesia," he stated.

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