Hermanto Tanoko to Open New Hotels in Bali Despite Ongoing Recovery


Tycoon Hermanto Tanoko is expanding his hotel business in Bali by opening three new hotels in the tourist areas of Tanjung Benoa, Canggu, and Ubud. These are the favorite destinations for both foreign and domestic tourists.

Tanly Hospitality Cluster General Manager Roberto Kotambunan said the hotels in Ubud and Canggu are five-star hotels, while the hotel in Tanjung Benoa is still undecided whether it will be four- or five-star. The hotels in Canggu and Tanjung Benoa will have 100 rooms each, while the hotel in Ubud will have 200 rooms and villas.

Roberto said the main reason for opening three hotels at once in Bali was the promising hotel investment on the Island of the Gods, despite the low hotel occupancy due to the COVID-19 pandemic. "Bali is the main entry point for tourists, especially foreign tourists. So, we prioritize Bali as an expansion destination. We are building for the long term, and we are sure visits to Bali will recover in the future," he said.

According to Robert, the investment value for each hotel is above Rp 500 billion on average, depending on the location and structure of the building. The Tan Hospitality Group in Bali aims to support the development of Bali tourism by providing various hotel options for tourists.

The three hotels will target different segments of foreign and domestic tourists. The hotel in Canggu is suitable for tourists who like nightlife, as it has lively nightclub facilities. The one in Ubud is ideal for tourists who want peace and tranquility, as it is close to forests and rivers. Besides these three hotels, Tanly Hospitality also plans to build a hotel in the Uluwatu area, Badung, another favorite tourist spot in Bali.

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