Haedar Nashir Re-elected as Chairman of the Muhammadiyah


Haedar Nashir was re-elected as Chairman of the Muhammadiyah Central Board for the 2022-2027 period. While the General Secretary of Muhammadiyah was held by Abdul Mu'ti. Haedar said that his position as general chairman was only an inch ahead and an inch elevated.

"Because the principle of Muhammadiyah leadership is a collegial collective and union system," said Haedar after being named chairman at the 48th congress in Solo, Central Java, Sunday.

Haedar said that he would carry out the mandate in accordance with the program that had been prepared. Apart from that, Muhammadiyah also has a duty to disseminate progressive Islamic views that bring peace.

"Progressive Islamic treatises will continuously be dialogued with various groups inside and outside the country, so that Islam that progresses and brings peace to the universe becomes a way of thinking that spreads and expands, and is implemented better in our organization," he said.

"Islam that brings peace, Islam that unites, Islam that builds optimism, but also Islam that presents the progress of life for the whole society, the country, and humanity," he added.

Furthermore, Haedar said that Muhammadiyah has the mandate to discuss strategic issues of the Ummah in congresses with various parties. He hopes that the results of this congress can be input, especially for the government.

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