A Modest Adjustment on Ex-President Housing


The government has changed the building specifications of houses dedicated to former presidents and vice presidents through Finance Ministerial Regulation (PMK) No. 120/2022. This regulation, issued on July 28, 2022, standardizes the area, shape, dimension, and layout of houses to support the activities of former presidents, vice presidents, and their respective family members.

Article 3 of the regulation states that the plot of land used for the project shall not exceed 1,500 square meters, mainly if it is located in Jakarta. If the location is outside Jakarta, the price of the total area must be equivalent to 1,500 square meters of land in Jakarta. This housing project for former presidents and vice presidents can be carried out through the purchase of land and buildings, the land purchase and the building construction, or the house renovation on privately owned land.

**PMK No. 120/2022 is available for download at the end of this article

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