Warning from President Jokowi to His Ministers


President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo briefed his ministers regarding the 2024 election, asking his staff to work well according to the government's agenda. Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Mahfud MD assessed that President Jokowi's briefings contained three main points. "First, ensure that the 2024 elections must proceed under the plan starting in June 2022," Mahfud MD said Monday. Second, the President ordered his assistants to work optimally by their respective duties and functions and prevent disruption or intervention by the 2024 election agenda.

Lastly, Jokowi allows ministers to submit statements related to the 2024 General Election, yet limited only to their respective fields. "For example, the Minister of Home Affairs makes a statement that elections must run with luber (direct, public, free, confidential) and jurdil (honest and fair) principle, or states that the government will support the independence and neutrality of the KPU (General Election Commission)," he said.

Deputy V of the Presidential Staff Office (KSP) Jaleswari Pramodhawardani said that the ministers must be upright in carrying out the President's agenda amid the political dynamics ahead of the 2024 General Election, under Law (UU) No. 39/2008 on State Ministries. In addition, ministers may not make decisions that potentially raise conflicts of interest.

Referring to Law No.30/2014 on Government Administration, the minister is a government official. "In this context, there are corridors that the minister must comply with in exercising his authority, including the prohibition on making or taking decisions and actions that potentially raise conflict of interest, in which the background is quite broad, including those related to personal interests," he said.

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