Outbreaks of Animal Disease Pose New Threat


The Indonesian government will implement several measures to deal with a foot-and-mouth disease attacking livestock in Gresik, Lamongan, Mojokerto, and Sidoarjo regencies in East Java. The disease may potentially spread to other areas. East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa revealed that she had contacted the Office International des Epizooties (OIE) or the World Animal Health Organization to secure vaccine supplies.

"We don't have the vaccine. Only countries that have declared the outbreak can submit a vaccine request to the OIE," Khofifah said on Monday. She admitted that he had submitted a request for a vaccine for livestock to the OIE through the Agriculture Ministry on May 6. Meanwhile, the Director-General of Livestock and Animal Health at the Agriculture Ministry, Nasrullah, said the government had prepared emergency measures to deal with the disease, such as:

  1. The outbreak announcement by the Agriculture Minister based on a letter from the governor and a recommendation from the national veterinary authority,
  2. collecting the daily data of the infected population,
  3. conducting limited culls,
  4. implementing lockdown at the village/sub-district level in each region within a radius of 3-10 kilometers from the affected area.
  5. restricting and tightening control over livestock traffic, animal markets, and abattoirs,
  6. educating farmers about the disease's mitigation standards and preventive measures,
  7. preparing the FMD vaccine,
  8. establishing a task force at the provincial and district levels,
  9. assigning the Agricultural Quarantine Agency to monitor the entry of live cattle in border areas with neighboring countries that are not yet free of the disease,
  10. assigning the Wates Veterinary Center and the Surabaya Veterinary Farma Center (Pusvetma) as laboratories and tracing centers.

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