Pertamina Implements EOR in Rokan Block by 2024 to Spur Production


Head of the Upstream Oil and Gas Business Regulatory Task Force (SKK Migas) Dwi Soetjipto said the Rokan Block transition process from PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia to PT Pertamina has at least three important points: investment, labor, and the enhanced oil recovery (EOR) application.

Dwi said Chevron had conducted EOR research in the Rokan Block since 10 years ago. So, when Pertamina manages the Rokan Block, the state oil and gas holding can immediately apply the technology in the Riau-based oil and gas working area. "We expect to produce with EOR by 2024," he said.

In terms of investment, Dwi said Chevron had committed to invest in maintaining the wells in the Rokan Block during the transition period to prevent production decline after the transfer of management. Investments during the transition period, like Chevron did, are new and the first in Indonesia. This year, the investment in the Rokan Block reached US$150 million to drill 115 wells. "This is an important thing. When Pertamina entered Rokan, the production will not fall significantly," he said.

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