Petrogas Continues Management of Kepala Burung Block


Petrogas (Basin) Ltd resumes management of the Kepala Burung Working Area (WK) in Sorong, West Papua, from October 15, 2020, to October 14, 2040. Deputy Operation of The Upstream Oil and Gas Special Regulatory Taskforce (SKK Migas) Julius Wiratno said, the signing of the gross split contract for the Kepala Burung WK between the Government of Indonesia and RH Petrogas Ltd, the holding company of Petrogas (Basin) Ltd, was conducted on July 11, 2018. "SKK Migas hopes that good performance will be maintained in the next contract period based on an efficient, effective, and massive gross split contract. Petrogas (Basin) Ltd also has to carry out exploration activities to develop long-term potential," he said in a written statement, Thursday (10/15).

SKK Migas Commercial Deputy Arief Setyawan Handoko added that his party and Petrogas would still need to complete a number of administrations from the previous contract regime. "Furthermore, SKK Migas will continue to coordinate with Petrogas (Basin) Ltd, both completing the administration of the previous contract regime and asset management," he said.

According to the President of Petrogas Companies in Indonesia, Syafri Syafar, Indonesia is one of the core business targets of Petrogas in the future. Previously, the government of Indonesia appointed Petrogas (Island) Ltd, a subsidiary of Petrogas, as the operator for the transfer of management of the Salawati WK in April 2020. "The geographic location of the Kepala Burung Work Area and Salawati which are close to each other will provide a beneficial synergy for progress and ease of operations of both [sites]," he said.

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