Pertamina Finds Gas in Papua Field


Pertamina Hulu Energi Regional 4, drilling the Markisa (MKS)-001 exploration well, found gaseous hydrocarbons in Pertamina EP's Papua Field in Aimas Regency, West Papua. The drilling, targeting the Rock Carbonate of the Kais Formation, started on June 21 and reached a final depth of 2048 mMD on July 28. The MKS-001 well was drilled vertically using the PDSI#28.2/D1000-E rig. Upstream Oil and Gas Special Regulatory Task Force (SKK Migas) deputy for planning Benny Lubiantara suggested that the discovery would attract more investments in the oil-and-gas-rich area in West Papua.

The hydrocarbon discovery in the Papua Field means that the drilling success ratio in 2022 will exceed 2021's figure or even the global average. "The high success ratio in drilling exploration wells will also boost the competitiveness of the national upstream oil and gas industry," Benny said on Monday.

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